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Friday, 7 December 2012

Mixing Tea

Despite the hot weather, I haven't dropped my tea consumption.  Especially today, when 4pm brought a need for a remedial cuppa.  Now, last week I wandered into T2... and bought some Madagascan Vanilla flavoured black tea.  I heard the word 'combination' (or something very similar) and had this in the back of my head.  Today, I did something about it.

I combined this new tea with one I received for my birthday, an Apricot and Mango black tea concoction from the Tea Centre, using approximately equal proportions.  This is so exciting!  New flavours for hot drinks... Yum.  It tasted like I was having apricot and mango with a creamy vanilla overtone (how's that for a wanky flavour word).  Next combination: chai with vanilla. 

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