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Saturday, 1 December 2012

Banana Lunchbox Bars

A friend posted the link to this recipe (find it here) and I had one of those "I have to make this" moments.  Unfortunately, when she posted it I only had one overripe banana.  Earlier this week I had four black bananas so got all excited.

I had just turned on the oven when my mum called.  As it was my first Monday of the holidays (yay!) I wasn't pressed for time, and turned off the oven.  Later in our phone call, mum asked if I was 'procrastibaking' - snaps to mum for knowing that term!  I explained it was the 'I have 4 black bananas what am I going to do with them' baking.  It seems there has been a lot of that this year.

Naturally, I didn't quite follow the recipe... For unsweetened apple sauce, I used some of the stewed apple I had in the freezer.  I realised it was not quite the 2/3 cup required at about the same time I realised my bananas couldn't really be classified as 'large' - so I used 4 medium bananas instead.  I also didn't really read the instructions properly before I began (really, who does?!) so I added my oats and pecans to the banana mix instead of the other way around.  I figured, it's all getting mushed up together anyway... So I'm not sure if that had any bearing on the result.  Which is rather yummy, if I do say so myself.  Two pieces never seems like it's enough.

Next time (pretty sure there will be a next time) I am considering doing a bit of mini-chopper chopping to make the texture a bit smoother - and also using a smoother apple substance.  I leave the peel on apples when I stew them but that creates slightly chunkier bits.  As always, I was amazed by the 'optional' chocolate on top.  As if you wouldn't.  Oh yeah, unless you're allergic or something... but the chocolate is the best bit.  Aside from all those good vibes of eating something so amazingly good for you (note the abundant health benefits listed in the recipe!).

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