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Thursday, 27 December 2012

The Self-Pedicure Kit

I've mentioned before that I don't have the nicest-looking feet.  Not that I mind that, particularly - being a foot model was never on my list of goals, and I can still wear summer footwear without feeling too ashamed.  But they're not pretty.  And this year, having done lots of running, they've become even uglier.  The first ever pedicure I had was amazing.  She got right into it, scraped off all the dead skin, trimmed the tops of the nails (sorry - but it was necessary, and very welcome), and my feet were pretty happy.  Ever since then, though, I've had rather timid pedicurists (wow, that's really a word).  Except for one, who nearly had my foot up her nose.

Just before Christmas, I decided to look for some heavy-duty toenail clippers.  What I found, though, was a pedicure kit.  Score.  It included the heavy-duty toenail clippers, as well as a foot scraper and the usual emery boards and toe-separators.  I had a good go at my feet, nails particularly, and now feel like a normal person.  I wouldn't say I now have pretty feet, but the ugly level has come down a few notches.  Not so much that you get a photo of them, though.


  1. how much it cost , is it safe to use Beauty Tips

  2. Hi! It cost $44.95 from a department store. It recommends you only use it for one person so from a hygiene point of view, it's safe. I guess how much you scrape away - it could make it hurt a bit if you go too far? But I'm sure if you're using it on yourself you won't hurt yourself.