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Friday, 27 January 2012


I teach violin, and some of the my students are highly entertaining.  One in particular.  She's ten, and I've taught her since she was five.  As I've taken her back to class over the years she's developed a little alternate universe for me (in which I have 5 husbands - a story for another day), and she'll also tell me what my clothes look like.  It started with a skirt that had flowers around the border, so that looked like a garden.  Rose earrings look like flowers.  Striped pants might be a road.  For most of last year, the commentary would go something like this:

"Your skirt is a garden, your top is a storm cloud, your shoes are raindrops, and your earrings are leaves".  (Obviously, you have to use your imagination).  After a while, I said they were all the same, she wasn't using much imagination at all.  I received one of those withering 10-yr-old girl looks in return, and the comment "Maybe if you wore different things..."

I admit, I like to wear black, and I don't like to iron.  But one of my challenges for this year is to wear a different outfit each time I go to school. 

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