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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Tuesday January 24 - Plan B

I'd earmarked today as the last real day of holidays.  I didn't expect any students yesterday as it was the first day back (wrong! - the girl who comes straight after school showed up, very keen) and I don't have students at home on Tuesdays.  My plan was to go to New Farm and Teneriffe to take some photos, as it's been ages since I've taken photos artistically.  This was, incidentally, to be a Change...

The weather forecast heavy rain - but I didn't want to let the weather dictate what I do with my life, or I'd be a hermit.  Determined to carry through with my Plan A, I went to the gym first thing, despite the rain.  On the way home, I snapped these photos of local flooding.  It's a little hard to tell, but the water is over the footpath.  Turns out there was a lot of local flooding, and police were urging people to delay non-essential travel.

Plan B - pajama day.  I love wearing pajamas and do so as often as I can.  So after breakfast (back in pjs) I had a mini-nap, coffee at my brother's (not in pjs) then came home for a more substantial nap/sleep.  I usually reserve such decadence for when I'm sick, but with the rain this was the best way to spend a day.  After lunch I watched Amelie while making a dent in the substantial ironing pile, then started a button-sewing frenzy. 

It's been a really long time since I saw Amelie.  Checking Imdb afterwards to find other places I'd seen all those actors, I caught the movie bug and even braved the rain to go to the video store...but that's for a different blog post.

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