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Monday, 7 January 2013

Outdoor Training

A couple of weeks ago, Trainer Dan asked how I felt about training outside of the gym.  He was investigating the option of no longer training at the gym, and I was happy to give this whole outdoors thing a go.  Today was the first time.  Several pros, and a few cons.

So public.  So, so public.  When running, I kept seeing if the passersby were people I knew (I don't think any were, but this isn't to be ruled out in the future).  Not to mention the off-leash dog and countless birds.
Although I'm not a huge fan of treadmill running, it does force the legs to move at a certain pace.  Left to my own devices, I can run a whole lot slower.
I was really dirty when I got home.  Bits of tree, dirt, grass - amazing.
Must remember to slather on the sunscreen.  Yes, I can deal with this.

So close!  For a 7:30 session, I left at 7:28 (admittedly, I had to run... but still).  Home by 8:20 - but that hill.  Ouch.  Normally my legs have had a bit of recovery time, but they had maybe 200m to think about life before a rather nasty ascent.
Although treadmill running forces a particular pace, it's so much more interesting running in the real world.
I know that outdoor training is better for you - something about oxygen intake and calories burnt...  I was definitely super sweaty by the time I got home.
Although quite public, there was no-one close, nothing like the space issues at the gym, or waiting for equipment. 
I hardly needed to take anything.  For a gym trip, I'll take my top and sports bra (to change), towel, water bottle, purse, phone, make up, comb, and face spray.  For a park trip, I took towel, phone, and water bottle, wearing a cap. 

No doubt, there will be other pros in future, but this was a pretty good start.

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