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Sunday, 13 January 2013

The Free Weekend (Part 2)

Another day off today, and I decided to visit Wynnum.  Not my first time in Wynnum, but my first time under my own steam, and not with the goal of running around for a couple of hours (see the relevant post here).

Knowing how expensive a breakfast can be, I ate at home (bonus - Sunday is large coffee day), then headed out.  Eventually, after a brief snooze on the train (thanks to the heat I've not slept more than 6 hours any night, and usually rather broken sleep at that), I woke with a start at Wynnum station and jumped out.  Then realised that I was actually after Wynnum Central, so I had a bonus 10 minute walk.  Yay.

Getting to Wynnum Central, I had flashbacks to running around lots.  And lots.  I bought a coffee at Olive, a place I expected to be just like any other seaside cafe - but it had legitimate-looking Lebanese sweets.  Score!  I resisted, but was sorely tempted to return and purchase some (didn't, but now I know they're there...).  Down to the sea, and I walked along the path to Manly and back, stopping here and there for photos and extra sunscreen (although I still got rather burned - sad face).

Now, before this I knew that there was beach-like stuff in the Wynnum area.  I hadn't realised just how beach-like it was though, so when I need a beach hit next, this is it.  On this jaunt I far preferred Wynnum over Manly.  Once I got to Manly, I figured the train station was up the hill, so I walked back to Wynnum, had a coffee, then went home (which is only an hour on the train).

There were so many jellyfish in the water - really, loads of them.  And not the deceptive possibly-plastic-bag type, but the sort you see in pictures.  Yes, they look better when they're in the water, but they're also so much harder to photograph well then, so you're stuck with a beached jellyfish photo.

There's not much shade around.  There was lots of seaweed, though, and as I was heading back to Wynnum the tide was coming in so my feet got wet.  Bliss. 

I did enjoy seeing the seagulls, and sparkly water, and feeling a warm salty breeze on my face.  Now I'm trying to figure out how I can work this into my not-on-holidays life...

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