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Monday, 14 January 2013

The Sewing Trip

Last Christmas, my mum gave me her old sewing machine.  It's been in the spare room all this time, unused and unloved.  Last week, I took a deep breath and visited the fabric store in my local shopping centre.  And I realised I would need help.  I felt like someone non-musical trying to buy a violin.  Luckily, one of my friends is a home economics teacher.  So far this has mostly been wonderful in the food area of my life (totally yummy), but I asked her for assistance in the whole sewing thing.  She was more than happy to help out, and we had a sewing trip this morning.

My nearest sewing store is massive - and if I hadn't had a guide, I would have wimped out.  I admit it.  But Di knew where to find the patterns, how to actually get the patterns (behind the counter), and then how to interpret the back to find everything we needed.  And then came the really exciting bit (before actually making the thing - no doubt a future blog post...) - choosing fabric!  There is so much cool fabric out there.  I was sorely tempted to make a skirt out of postage stamp-patterned material, or purple animal-camo, or any variety of other patterns, but I went with this rather joyful apple pattern.  Which, just looking at it now, still makes me smile.  Fingers crossed it will once the skirt is made, too.  Next step - extras.  And not just the extras listed on the pattern, but things like pins that won't melt, and a tape measure, and a suitable marking implement. 

I'm so looking forward to making this skirt - and finding suitable things for the top half, too.  Yay for creativity - and a big thank you to Di :)

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