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Friday, 25 January 2013

The Speakers

This was almost going to be a different post, but that one requires a bit more thought and clarity.  So this is one pending from (cough) about a month ago... 

Background: I used to have Not My Stereo in the living room.  It started being precious about CDs.  I returned it to its rightful owner (not because of the CD problem, honest).  After it had started being precious, I started using iTunes more and more for listening to music downstairs.  And then upstairs too, as my stereo upstairs started doing the same thing. 

During a recent quartet night dinner, as usual some music was playing.  Through iTunes.  Reasonably good sound quality, and about the same as what I would get from the Not My Stereo (unless I cranked the volume, which I wouldn't).  Later, I was at the other violinist's place, enjoying their surround-sound stereo, and they asked if I ever used speakers.  Um, no...  I had been contemplating the idea of an iPod dock, but hadn't got very far in contemplation.  Would I like their old speakers?  Um, yes please...?  So now I have speakers.  Amazing difference in sound.  There are bits of pieces and songs previously unheard, and other bits I remembered but didn't have to imagine anymore, and the bass - wow!  I don't use them all the time (location, for one thing), but when I do it is so good

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