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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Outfit #133 - Signs of Aging

You know when you have an item of clothing you love, and then you notice the sleeves start looking like an 80-yr-old at a nudist beach?  Well, that's what I noticed about the sleeves of this white top today.  Sad.  It's one of the Ambra bamboo range and so, so soft.  But, aging.  (I bet you thought this was going to be about me counting my own wrinkles or something - sorry).
Top: Ambra bamboo. Vest: Avocado (from Jeannie). Skirt: Katies. Leggings: Ambra. Shoes: Girl Xpress. Scarf: ? maybe Gregory Ladner?
Although it might look like I'm going with the theme of Ambra top, purple top, green scarf, I'm pretty sure tomorrow will be different.  Mostly because I don't have any more purple tops.  At this stage, I have no idea what I'll be wearing.

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