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Saturday, 11 May 2013

Saturday, Differently

Even though I live in the same city as my nieces and nephews, I don't get all that much auntie time.  Musicians have weird schedules, and my schedule is pretty much opposite that of my brothers with kids.  One of those brothers, though, started teaching at a nearby school (which just happens to be the brother school of the one at which I teach), so when trying to find a time to catch up, he suggested I come along to a home game.  I was hoping a home game would be this week, and early. 

My first Saturday morning student (you know, the 7:30am one) can come on Monday afternoons, and I had gigs later anyway so rearranged the other students.  Instead of enjoying a sleep-in, I woke up even earlier than normal, had breakfast and headed off to the appropriate school oval.  I feel I should point out here that this is not just me doing a not-teaching Saturday morning, but an adult-at-a-school-sport-game Saturday.  And, as I didn't participate in school sport when I was at school (yes, I was a music geek), this was something really new. 

Any uncomfortable new feelings dissolved when my nephews saw me.  Shouts of "It's auntie Anna!!!" followed by racing to greet me with hugs - such a great start to a Saturday.  And then a whole lot of nephew play, and more hugs, and dancing, and photos, and playing, and more hugs. 

After the soccer game (my brother coached, and they won - in soccer! - 9-nil), I got home, did a quick change, then headed off to 2 gigs.  I finally got home at 3 and read a bit in my chair (first time), then started dealing with washing and the seasonal clothing changeover.  It's still ongoing.  Next to find a time to see the other nephew and nieces.

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