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Friday, 10 May 2013

The (Grown Up) Lunch Bag

If you've been paying close attention to my outfits, you would have noticed that this week I wore heels twice - and these have been the first for quite some time.  I have hardly worn heels this year at all.  And it's not just that I've been feeling lazy, or wanting to take care of my feet/legs/ankles/knees or anything like that.  It's mostly because I haven't had enough bag space.  My lunch bag (one of those 'green bag' type things, but a small version) started to get some holes.  And then it disintegrated entirely.  So all my lunch, plus insulated cup, plus scarf/cardigan/hat - all these things have been in my main bag.  No room for heels.

Surprisingly, it wasn't my outfits that drove the upgrade.  It was me taking home my insulated cup that wasn't empty.  And I didn't realise until a day later.  On Monday, I bought a grown up, dedicated lunch bag.  One that can be wiped down to be cleaned. 
The bonus is that I can now fit heels in my bag, and potentially spilly stuff in the new black and white bag which isn't going to get punctured by a fork or a pencil or whatever else I put in my old bag.  I hope.

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