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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Outfit #139 - Con Anima

A slightly ironic outfit name, here.  However, the continuing junior quartet (so, this year's grade 6 quartet) is named Con Anima - which means 'with spirit'.  They had their first performance for the year today, in middle schooling assembly.  I am feeling anything but spirited today.

Dress: Tengdahl (op shop). Stockings: Target. Boots: Sandler. Scarf: Alta Linea. Jacket (not pictured): Sportsgirl (from Jeannie).
Although I feel like a million dollars in this dress, when it needs several layers underneath to make it warm and work-appropriate it bulks up quite a bit.  More experimentation required.  I did feel my outfit matched the weather today - grey and rainy and cold, for us.

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