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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Movie #39 - New In Town

I've actually done many New Things today, but none have reached the stage worthy of a blog post.  So you get my thoughts on a movie instead.  And now I realise I've just been writing about a different movie.  Take two...

We were still in the mum's choice romantic comedy group.  I think this was the closest to the centre of the genre out of those I chose.  Mum watched it first, then I watched it another evening.  So I'd heard her laughing as I was heading out one night, and she'd told me some of her thoughts.  Neither of us were all that impressed, but I don't think either of us had very high expectations, either.

1. Renee seems to have become the new Meg Ryan.  I don't think this is such a good thing.  (Note, Renee - branch out!).
2. This falls into a few categories.  Romantic comedy is just too broad.  It does have romance, and it is funny, so I'm not disputing that categorisation.  But digging deeper, we find the Company Executive-type Sent to Ditch Employees scenario, then of course (I imagine these must go together) the Company Executive-type Outlook Change coupled with the Whole Town Needs to Band Together scenarios.  See how I don't consider these things spoilers?  Predictable.  We also have the variety of romance that is like Pride and Prejudice - nothing wrong with that, of course, but again - predictable.  Of course they're going to clash at the start.  Of course they're going to have a little bit of attraction.  Of course they're going to fall in love, find that love fraught with difficulty and overcome it against all the odds.  (Sorry - do we need a moment?). 
3.  My favourite of all these plot categories (at least, here) is the Whole Town Needs to Band Together one.  It takes a while to build, and then we have the requisite montages, but I find it the most satisfying.
4.  I like that these look, and sound, like real people.  The Minnesota accent.  The normal faces and body shapes.  The skin that looks like it's living in a cold dry prairie.  And the community does the type of things that communities do.  
5.  My overall impression of the movie was that I would like to visit Minnesota.  Very much.  I know you probably need a few moments to recover from your laughing fit there, especially if you really know me and how cold I get (today, for example, I have been icy all day - it got to a mere 18C), but I really love the cold.  And if you're in an actual cold place, then you're allowed to be cold, and people aren't stupid about it so they dress for it and use things that keep out the cold and heat the air.  Heaters.  Yeah.  And the scenery!  The snow that covers everything and blots out all the unnecessary stuff that litters our lives and our vision.  And lots of flat, wide, open spaces.  Dotted with evenly-spaced telegraph poles.  Yes.  I realise I would probably die of cold and/or stupidity if I wasn't accompanied by a guide at all times - or maybe I would just suffocate under a mountain of doona, quietly, overnight - but this is something I would like to do.

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