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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Outfit #145 - Who Says You Can't?

I'm not quite breaking every rule in the fashion book here, but a few.  However, I feel the overall result isn't too bad.

Skirt: Sinerji (swap). Tank (only sometimes visible): Now. Long-sleeved top: Dotti. Dress (as shirt): Sunny Girl (op shop). Vest: Portmans. Stockings: Ambra. Boots: Sandler. Scarf (not pictured): Alta Linea. Jacket (only worn to school, not pictured): Sportsgirl (from Jeannie). Earrings: from mariachi.
I'm wearing a dress as a shirt.  Pattern with embroidery. Short sleeves over long. Black and blue.  Black and brown.  Who made these rules, anyway?!

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