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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Outfit #151 - Colour, Step By Step

Today's outfit started out as tomorrow's outfit, and black and white. 

Top: Base Layers. Skirt: Country Road (op shop). Boots: Mina Martini (from Jeannie). Earrings: from Mombasa. Stockings: Ambra and Voodoo.
Step 1: I realised today was a good day to wear these boots (a very short day) and they would go with this outfit.  Days swapped.
Step 2: Add a pink scarf so I can get as much wear out of it before I have to return it.
Step 3: Add the maroon-ish jacket because it's the warmest option.
Step 4: Realise the stockings, being fishnets, would result in freezing legs.  Realise this would be a perfect opportunity to do some stocking layering with new colour block stockings.
Ta DA!  One black and white outfit has turned colourful.  I am really happy with the stockings result.  My legs were nice and warm and I like the look - much more effective than black and black.  This is only my second time layering stockings - and today someone found my site through search keywords 'layered stockings'.  Neat.

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