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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Outfit #150 - Apparently Crazy

A few weeks ago, I restrained myself and did not buy stockings.  Over the weekend, I took advantage of the sales and bought a ... few... pairs.  I contemplated some really crazy options.  I believe today's pair was rather conservative. 
Skirt: Gina Tricot (op shop). Top: Country Road (op shop). Jacket: Sportsgirl (from Jeannie). Scarf: David Jones (on loan). Stockings: Leona Edmiston. Boots: Sandler.  Earrings: Pandora (gift).
One member of the Fashion Police saw me and said, "I see we're wearing Crazy Lady Stockings today" - !!!  I tried to tell her they're not crazy, I'm a creative type anyway, but I was told she and I need to go shopping together.  I'm so glad that will never happen.
I also started the day (it was cold!) with a sudden agh! moment, realising I should be finding my gloves and a warm hat.  All I could find was one glove and my baker boy hat.  As it turns out, you need more hair to wear one of those.  I took a classic photo wearing it, but won't share it today. And although my envisioned outfit was the second photo, the reality for nearly the entire day (minus about 2 hours) was the top photo. 
My camera doesn't capture the colours so well so you get a close-up of the scarf/jacket/top - although the top is actually much more purple.  Right, now I'm off to find a warm hat and another glove.

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