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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Outfit #143 - Sore Almost Everywhere

Title says it all, really.  I could go through the list, but I'll just leave it at letting you know that yesterday's PT session was thorough.  I have ow-ies in places I haven't felt since the days I did circus.  Meanwhile, next time I wear this skirt I think I'll need to do some close-up shots.  Likewise with the top.  The skirt is a dark denim-type material with large buttons, and the top is black and white but looks slightly psychedelic in photos.  Unless I make the photo really large...  And then you can get a slightly better idea.

Skirt: Country Road (op shop). Top: Limited Edition. Stockings: Target. Boots: Mina Martini (from Jeannie). Earrings: gift. Scarf: David Jones (on loan from mum). Jacket (not pictured): Dotti.
These boots were much-complimented.  I have walked around Melbourne and my own neighbourhood in them, so I thought a Tuesday would be fine.  Er - maybe not.  If I'd worn flat shoes for the walk to and from stations, or if they didn't have a narrow wedge, or if I wasn't in pain from, you know, the neck down, it might have been different... But by the time I got home my feet were complaining.  Lesson learned. 
I do like them so much though that you get 2 photos of them.
I know my face looks odd here. The purple bits around my eyes seemed to be especially weird today.  I wasn't going to go nuts with concealer, mostly because I couldn't really be bothered most of the time, and then I have days like today...

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