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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Outfit #148 - Groovy Legs

Picking up a grade 2 girl from her class music lesson, their music teacher commented on my 'groovy legs'.  This afternoon, one of my very entertaining grade 7 girls also commented on the stockings...

Dress: Spicysugar (from Jeannie). Top: Dotti. Stockings: Target. Boots: Sandler. Earrings: from Mombasa, I think.

Checking the label of the dress and the earrings, I discovered today was almost a match.  But not quite.  (See the last time I wore nearly all these things together here).  And apologies for the hair.  Just - ugh.  I did wear the same scarf and jacket as that last time, too, but it wasn't cold enough for them to last very long.  Sigh.

I took this last photo while waiting for a train.  I love the totally blank floor and slightly on fire edging effects.

UPDATE: You can read the grade 7 girl's stocking quote here!

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