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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Outfit #152 - Clash of the Pinks

I still wanted to wear the not-really-mine-because-it's-on-loan pink scarf.  And I figured this pink knitted top would be lovely and warm.  At least I didn't go with red or something, because this combination was just a bit too much for my eyes when I had to look at it.  Thankfully it was cold enough that the jacket stayed on for much of today, shielding the eyes.
Dress: Country Road (op shop). Top: Kookai. Scarf: David Jones (on loan). Stockings: Target. Boots: Sandler. Earrings: Cose Belle.
I really had to wear these earrings today.  In a recent tidy-up I went from having a pair to having only a lonely one, and was so happy when I found the lost one caught up in a rug.
My first girl after school really liked this outfit.  Especially the stockings.

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