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Sunday, 9 June 2013

Where To Put The Candles

I like candles.  Not just candles, but actual candle holders.  I also reclaimed my dolls' house recently (thanks mum and dad!).  A couple of weeks ago, I had the light bulb moment - why don't I move all the candles and candle holders from the top of the drawers and ledges around the place, and put them in the dolls' house?  And while I'm at it, move the dolls' house to somewhere less awkward...

It being a long weekend, and having had my mum staying recently, today it just had to happen.  The top of the drawers looks so much neater and calmer, the ledges marginally so (still some tidying to happen in that department!), and the dolls' house looks much comfier in its new place beside the keyboard.
I also moved the stationery/teaching items that were hanging around to the middle floor.  There is still one long multi-candle holder on the drawers, and my music alphabet, and a photo of a niece and nephew, and a beautiful silver dish, and (at present) a vase of flowers - but it's much less busy.

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