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Monday, 24 June 2013

Photo Trip #2 - Story Bridge Maroon Lights

Last night I was on duty for Evensong, which I love.  And the cathedral has a fabulous view of the Story Bridge, which surprised me by being pink, then red, then blue, then red, then- I decided to head out and take some photos this evening.  At first I was going to go to the Riverside/Eagle St Pier area, but I figured if I caught a train to Fortitude Valley I would get a better view.  So right.
I left at 5 (home by 6:30) and took my photos from Bowen Tce.  I took some on my normal phone camera, and one on Instagram, and several on Hipstamatic and Oggl.  I was pleased that my suspicion of the best lenses to use on Hipstamatic were correct, and I had fun editing all the Oggl shots.  Note that I have spared you all the photos...  The sky colours in this one are part of the appeal - and are inspiring me to try another photo trip soon, just for the sky colours.
I wasn't the only one taking photos, either!  Someone else was standing at the start of the path across the bridge with an upheld camera.  I think this is my favourite from this evening.
Go QLD!!!

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