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Sunday, 7 October 2012

Midday Behaviour

Today, it's hot.  It got up to 31.6 this morning, and is currently (just after 5pm) 28.2.  Inside, I'm quite comfortable, provided I'm doing not much.  I'm curious how I'll go with my run tonight though.  When I took some water out to the garden - wow.  Like stepping into an oven.  Now, I'm not normally a 'do nothing' sort of person.  Admittedly, I still have a few things on my To Do list, but I knew they would make me just want to go to sleep - especially as a nearby party kept me awake a long time last night.  So after church I lay on the sofa a bit, read the monthly publications out today, then decided to watch a movie while having lunch. 

Watching tv during the day is so foreign to me, it hardly ever happens.  This is normally reserved for a rainy card-making day, or... actually, I think that's it.  Today, I didn't even make any cards, I just watched, took notes (so I can do a review soon), had a great phone call with mum, made tonight's dinner (possibly a mistake as it got everything rather hot), had afternoon tea, and started another movie.  Next door is doing loud gardening so the movie's on hold for a bit, which is perfect for doing a blog post.  I was going to wait until tonight or tomorrow for this last movie, but this works better.  There are 3 due back Tuesday and available windows are few.  Note - I'm now able to watch part of a movie, then do something else, and come back to the movie.  Especially this one - it's really good.

Today's photo:

While making coffee (and toast - gotta have toast) the afternoon sun was making my tea jars look all pretty.  I love this blue.

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