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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Running Over Bridges

It's been a while since I've changed my running route.  Last term was not my greatest for fitness, and I generally kept to my river runs.  I have a new running route in mind - but, with the heat, and my parents staying, today was not the day for this new route.  Instead, I added some bridges.  Brisbane is not short on bridges.

My plan was to run to the Go Between, cross the Go Between, run along to the Kurilpa Bridge, cross the Kurilpa, and come back along the bike path.  All was going well, until I realised (about halfway across the Kurilpa) that I couldn't envisage how to get from the end of that bridge back down to the bike path.  Instead, I retraced my steps, making the whole run a little longer (about 10.5km).

Leaving as the sun was nearing the horizon, a blazing ball of fire in a smoky sky, the jacarandas bright in the fading light, the river smooth; seeing the river from above, stretching out in both directions; returning as the sky is nearing indigo and the air cooling - I love running.

Also, as I haven't been able to do longer runs recently, I have been trying to run faster.  I'm not sure it's actually been faster running, but I feel like I'm doing more work.  And it's still having the mental health benefits, so that's a plus.  On my way back (not great signage around that part between GBB and Kurilpa), I also realised that bridges are great for incorporating a bit more inclined running.  Short of running up a mountain (which I intend to do quite a few more times), bridges have that extra bit of upward-ness that make your legs work a bit harder (with a great view to boot), and break up the monotony.  And as my next running goal is rather hilly, this is a good start. 

Today's photo:

The gig today was in the Roma St Parklands.  It took forever to find the Sunset Glade (no maps handy - thanks, Roma St).  In the process of wandering the gardens, I came across a Star Wars party.  My first thought was that this was a wedding party gone to extremes.  Then I found a whole lawn full of costumed people.  If it was a wedding, it wasn't the wedding at which I was playing!

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