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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Outfit #77 - Black Spring

Outfit details:

Dress: Jeanswest (op shop).  Shoes: Target.  Earrings: from Jeannie.

I had a couple of necklaces set to wear today as well, which looked fine when everything was on the hanger - but this morning, they looked all weird with the earrings.  The earrings won.  And they even received compliments at lunch!

Another hot day today - and another comfortable clothing choice, thankfully.  However, I got home with 10 minutes before my first student, and the first thing I did was change into more relaxed clothes.  About half-way through his lesson, I realised I was yet to take photos.  D'oh!  So (this is how dedicated I am) I changed back after he'd left as I have a bit of a break now.  I didn't really check the photos much though, just made sure head and feet were present and I wasn't looking too odd.  I hope that explains the disappearing elbow.

Today's photo:

This morning I was watering my plants (an exercise now taking up 11 minutes of every morning) when I noticed the reason something looked a bit different... Something has had a good meal out of 2 of my eggplant seedlings.  And some coriander.  Grr.  I suspect a possum, but the birds are still under suspicion as well.  Any suggestions for deterring such scavengers (not involving sprays or chemicals, of course) welcome.

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