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Friday, 5 October 2012

Raw Brownies, Tweaked

Back in May, I had my first taste of raw brownies.  Yum!  I bought a mini-chopper so that I could make them, and made my first batch later that month.  I've made a couple more batches recently, but tweaked the recipe slightly today.  The main reason for the tweak is that I love dried apricots, but occasionally my delivery provides me with the totally healthy, sulphur-free variety.  They're okay I guess, but I prefer to cook with them rather than snack on them.  And dates are only in my pantry if I plan ahead.  I find these brownies are the best way to cure a chocolate craving - they're super healthy and super chocolatey. 

For the base:

1 cup dates (or, for me, dried apricots)
1 cup nuts (today I had to use 3/4 cup hazelnut meal, I didn't realise how low my nut supply was)
1/4 cup cacao (topped up today with regular cocoa)
1 teaspoon honey (or so...)

I chop the dried fruit and nuts roughly first.  Then put everything in a food processor/mini chopper.  Then blend/whiz/chop.  Don't get impatient here, when it's starting to clump together - then it's ready.

Line a loaf tin (or tin of your choice) with foil - this makes everything so much easier to deal with later - and transfer the chopped mix.  Flatten it as much as possible, like you're doing a biscuit base for a cheesecake or something. 

For the topping:

A tablespoon each of:
cacao (or cocoa if you've run out of the good stuff by now)
coconut oil (this was my first time using coconut oil - weird.  Previously I've just used olive oil, but you can taste the olive oil in the topping)

Whiz in the processor.  Spread on top of base.  Refrigerate until firm.  Cut into squares...or slices...and enjoy. 

I find because of the honey and dried fruit factor it is quite sweet, so I tend not to over-indulge.  Phew.

Yesterday's photo:

I found mini tomatoes on my tomato plant!  This plant is one in which I had not much hope, to be honest - but the little yellow flowers have given way to tiny little green baby tomatoes.  I'm not sure if they'll last to turn into ripe tomatoes, but there's hope.

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