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Monday, 16 July 2012

Getting My Flanders On

Ned Flanders, that is.  You know the scene when the Simpsons arrive at the Flanders' beach house for a Fourth of July holiday, and find post-it notes everywhere with explanations and instructions?  I haven't gone that far - yet.  But my parents often stay, and they have different ideas about logic from me.  I hope I don't have to go to stage 2.

Stage 1 arose from my mum's last visit.  I know she knows which remote works for each device, but when really tired...  I meant to get this done by their next visit, but time just slipped away (and they arrived early for emergency dental work).  And, admittedly, I usually flounder when I'm at other people's places and faced with technology. 

The other issue is with Standby Mode.  I hate it.  And why you would press a button on a remote then get up to turn it off on the set, then when you want to turn it on you have to turn it on at the set and then press a button on the remote - really, what?!  So my policy is to use the switch on the set only.  Now I hope it is clear. 

Today's photo:

These flowers have been brightening my view on an almost-daily basis.  They live near the railway bridge, outside a mega apartment block.

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