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Friday, 20 July 2012

Lucy II and the Milkman

Neither of these things was on my list of New Things for today.

At the start of the holidays I bought, on impulse, a new shade of nail polish ('Lucy II' from Bloom).  A whole range of things prevented me from applying it until today, but I had a mini pamper session this afternoon.  I quite like the darker shades, especially during winter.  Of course the first thing my mum asked when she saw me was, "are you undergoing chemotherapy?" (chemo patients, we discovered last year, often wear dark-coloured nail polish to help protect from sun damage).  Sigh.  Thankfully, no.

I was looking for a way to demonstrate the colour, and the music stand was right there.  The reflection of notes in the glass was a bonus.

This evening, there was an unexpected knock at the door.  The milkman was looking for people wanting milk and other things home delivered.  (No, I didn't 'do' the milkman, despite the jokes!).  When I signed up for organic fruit and vegetables to be delivered it made such a huge impact on my life.  Although I can get dairy delivered through that company, they only deliver to me every fortnight, but this group can deliver more frequently.  And they do meat and fish as well, and have a later cut-off time for changes to the order.  More than that, though, I prefer buying 'direct from the farm to [your] door' instead of through mega supermarkets, knowing that the farmers are getting a better deal.

Today's photo:

Thanks to a lot of rain at the start of the week, these oven gloves have been on the line a while.  They're on adjacent lines so it must have been someone else who put them on there.  Early afternoon, they were catching the last of the light in the courtyard.

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