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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Outfit #49 - Hello Term 3

Outfit details:

Pants: Hot Options.  Top: Tokito.  Shoes: Pulp.  Earrings: Oxfam.  Jacket: Sportsgirl (from Jeannie).

Despite a fairly quiet holiday, I turned out to be quite refreshed and ready to go back to school.  Yippee!  Not so ready to start doing much with my hair, though...maybe tomorrow.

I know I've worn this jacket several times, but I don't think the buttons have ever had a photo.  I think it's time.

Boring shoes.  I predict they won't be around next year (they're wearing out).  Yes, I have psychic skills.

Today's photo:

The walk from the station to school is a wonderful view of the seasons (not readily available in this sub-tropical climate).  This large tree gives me a welcome dose of deciduous-ness.

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