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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Outfit #51 - Columbia

Outfit details:

Skirt: Sinerji (swap).  Singlet: Lorna Jane.  Top: Dotti.  Stockings: Ambra.  Shoes: Hot Options.  Earrings: gift.  Scarf (below): gift.

Today is Columbia's national day, and after playing for their festivities on Saturday I decided to use their national colours for today's outfit.  Red, yellow and blue, that is.  This is the only yellow item I own, and not one I ever anticipated wearing to work as it's really casual wear.  The tiny sliver above the neckline was all that was visible. 

The earrings were the same from Saturday.

I contemplated doing the same hairstyle and adding the red flower, but I thought that might be a bit too much change for everyone.  As my hair is in that needing-to-be-washed stage I needed to do something though, so I did a couple of little plaits into the bun.  The last time I did something similar I remember it staying put like nothing else, and today was the same.  I must remember this.  It's good.  It got the tick of approval from the 9-yr-olds too.  It's really hard to photograph though, and maybe a bit more brushing (I see now) of the back bit would not go astray. 

The stocking and shoes combination was not so great though.  Probably won't repeat this one.

Today's photo:

Nature is fascinating, isn't it?  The water appropriation methods of various plants can be so different, yet useful and appropriate.  I passed these agave plants with big shiny raindrops on the way back from the gym.

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