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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Outfit #55 - Magpie

Outfit details:

Skirt: Table Eight (op shop).  Top: Tokito.  Stockings: Ambra.  Boots: Sandler.  Earrings: gift.  (Scarf - Alta Linea; jacket - Dotti.  Not pictured).

I had a different title for this outfit (a really bad pun - it can wait) - but as I was checking photos, I got a fright from this magpie watching me on the clothes line.  I've been anticipating a neighbour seeing me taking photos of myself, but not birds.  Weird.

I couldn't not wear these earrings today - they're my Olympic earrings, after all.  The nail polish is still Lucy II (although it's been reapplied).  On Thursday at my ensemble's rehearsal, one girl dutifully raised her hand.  "You have really pretty nails.  They match your hair."  "No they match her top!"  Slightly weird, as the nail polish is a dark berry colour, my hair is dark brown, and the top I was wearing was navy.  Glad they like it though...

I still can't bring myself to wear patterned stockings with a patterned skirt.  Very glad I had a boots outfit for today - I even wore my warm cap to and from the stations.  It was chilly!

Today's photo:

Another attempt at the roots of the tree by the footpath.  I like this one better - the angle, the sun, just better.

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