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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Outfit #50 - Trust Me

Outfit details:

Pants: Hot Options.  Top: Dotti.  Boots: Sandler.  Earrings: from Jeannie.

I got a bit of a sleep-in this morning (first student was sick).  I extended that a little more than expected, so I was quite glad for the random notification from Facebook.  That meant, though, I didn't have time for an outfit photo before work, so in this photo I'm hungry!

I had planned to wear a skirt today, to show off the stockings - plus, I haven't worn that skirt for ages.  (Ages, as in more than a year at least).  But when I was getting ready I could hear the rain outside, and my feline part decided that boots would be a better option (I really dislike wet feet).  So I changed into pants instead.  Trust me - they were fun stockings!

Good thing I added red and silver earrings to give the world something not-drab to see.

Today's photo:

As mentioned yesterday, the walk to school gives an overview of the seasons.  I'm glad I don't have problems with wattle - I love the cheeriness of the yellow, and this makes such a nice contrast with the grey skies.  When I stood a bit closer to take the photo, I noticed busy bees.  I hope you can see them in the photo!

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