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Friday, 5 April 2013

Kitchen Art

This week has been rather domestic.  I've been trying to make my surroundings more Me and less It'll Do.  Monday morning, I started printing out lots of photos of my nieces and nephews, and finally finished that process Thursday morning.  I found a few more arty shots I wanted printed as well.  Two of these were 'kitchen-appropriate' - one, a pear just catching the afternoon light; the other, the remnants of a beetroot salad.  I also bought, several years ago now, a print from Ruby Victoria (find her blog here) at the Salamanca Markets.  It's been propped up against a wall ever since.  I took it along with me yesterday to find a frame.  And, yippee! - Myer is having a sale on frames.  Score.

Without taking massive shots of the whole kitchen, here are the basics:
The hand-cut teapot (Salamanca) is next to the main bench.
The pear is above the fruit bowl (couldn't resist a Hipstamatic photo of this!).
The remains of a salad are still homeless, but right now propped up next to the coffee machine area.
The dozens of nephew and niece photos are now strung up in the living area, and about to be stuck on a wall by the upper stairs.  They make me smile so much!

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