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Saturday, 6 April 2013

The Consecration

This morning was the consecration of the new bishop for the Southern Region of the Diocese of Brisbane.  That's a bit of a mouthful.  Alison Taylor is also the first female bishop in this diocese.  Woohoo!  The last consecration I attended (Bishop John Parkes), I played the violin and sang as part of the choir.  (Long story).  It was a very special service.  For this consecration, I thought I was serving, but I was Dean's Verger instead (a role I much prefer).  If you're not familiar with the ways of cathedrals, the dean is the head of the chapter (so, like our priest-in-charge), and a verger is someone who carries a verge (big stick) and tells people where to go.  Or, to be more polite, escorts those who need escorting.  Which is usually just the readers.  Easy.
About 40 minutes before the service - already rather full
Being in a very different role from last time meant my focus was very different, too.  And my view was not as great - seeing a corner of the archbishop's mitre is just not that exciting.  It is exciting, though, being a part of a really large service, in which everyone there is an active part of the service.  Reciting the Nicene Creed as one of a handful of people, for example, is a whole different experience from reciting it as one of more than a thousand people. 
Other special things:  There were so many bishops - from this diocese, and retired bishops, and bishops from other regions - and they all laid hands on Alison.  One of my favourite hymns (St Patrick) was sung, with gusto.  I said hi to one of my Instagram followers (we've not met, but I worked out early on who he was, and he worked out last week who I am).  I saw clergy I rarely see, or haven't seen for some time.
Another joy of large services is the dismissal (of about 150 people) on the West End steps - followed by the media conferences.  Which gave me a chance to return the verge to its place, get my phone and take some photos.  Thank you, photographers!

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