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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

The Room Redo

Walking through the local shopping centre last week, I passed a homewares store and got all deflated.  I'm not one of those interior decorator whizzbang types who can make their surroundings beautiful just by - well, I don't know.  I went through my usual "But I don't need any stuff" phase.  And then the next day was a really bad day.  It was saved from being a 'C' by an email from a great friend, and seeing a bush turkey freaked out on the roof next door.  And I made some possibly unnecessary (but happiness-inducing) purchases for bedroom decor.  So far, only stage one is complete, but I've nearly completed stages 2, 3, and 4.
Stage 1 - bedside table.  Not the main bedside table, but the other side.  The neglected side.  Now, it's much more 'Home Beautiful'.  And it looks even prettier with a Hipstamatic lens, and flowers.
The lamp I bought ages ago - but now I have a power board, I can have it plugged in as well as my other lamp (and various other things too).  I am yet to use the owl as a tea light holder.
The vase I am justifying by the fact that I was without a large vase, the others having broken (sad face).
And (this is big - brace yourself) I bought a new lampshade for my other lamp.  This is a lamp I have had since childhood, but the shade hasn't lasted the distance.  For many, many years I've just draped an old sarong around it.  I thought it was time to grow up.  I found a shade in a dark ruby sort of colour which goes rather nicely in my room.  Of course, one of the drawbacks of having a room decorated more nicely with decent lighting is that now I want to be there even more.  And it's just going to get worse. 

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