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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Outfit #124 - Vindicated

I almost didn't pack my umbrella today.  It was sunny when I left home at, you know, 6:24am.  I had no knowledge of forecast storms or rain or showers.  At about 2:30pm though, it was black outside.  By the time the little ones were going home, we had thunder and lightning, and raincoat-clad waist-high kids terrified.  It wasn't really raining by the time I had to leave work, but I was glad I had my umbrella with me.  I live in Queensland, after all.
Dress: Quick Brown Fox.  Shoes: Target.  Earrings: Cose Belle.  Necklace (usually unworn - it rattles my violin): op shop.  Scarf: ? Cardigan: Portmans.
So, the cardigan only happened to and from school.  I love swirling the skirt of this dress.  One of those really nice-feeling dresses.  Even though the top is one I need to monitor regularly.
The earrings got the thumbs up from the 11-yr-old Fashion Police.

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