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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Movie #34 - Star Wars Episode VI

Again, not anywhere 3 years after watching Episode V, I was able to watch Episode VI.  Lucky me!  In fact, straight after watching Episode V we started on Episode VI... But not the whole thing.  It turned out we watched maybe a third of it though.  For the proper showing of Episode VI I asked to go back to the start of the movie - my brain works better with completes.  Like the other two, I'm assuming everyone reading has either seen it, or has a really good idea of what happens.  So, some points:

The big 'reveal' stunned me.  Simpsons, you have failed me!  I had no idea about the familial relationship (no, I'm not going to give it away for any 'under-the-rock' people like myself).  My jaw dropped.  Of course it makes sense, but still!  Plus, getting to meet more well-known characters (while saying goodbye to some) helped the Star Wars experience feel more complete. 

The music was, again, fabulous.  This time as we watched we were pointing out sources, which included Mussorgsky, Rimsky-Korsakov, Prokofiev and Stravinsky.  Excellent stuff.  (Yes, I like the Russians).

I do like the variety of settings.  So few movies these days involve such scope, tending to sit in one city, or a city and countryside.  None of this multiple planets thing.  From a reviewer's point of view, this makes it a little more awkward in remembering just how we got from one planet to the next.  Yes, I was trying to be more sociable in these viewings, not pausing the movie to write down any notes. 

The whole Jabba bit had me giggling.  And a bit horrified, but mostly giggling.  Jabba is such a cliche of a pimp!  Big and lazy and overtly wealthy and powerful.  Minions who are well-trained and willing to do his bidding.  Constantly shifting boundaries - what he wants, what is acceptable, how much he will allow.  And, of course, the stereotype of having a sex slave.  This is when I finally realised why all these boys are so in love with Princess Leia.  At first I thought it must be because of her apparent absence of any undergarments (in Episode IV).  But the harem/bikini thing certainly cleared up that little mystery.   And, I guess, as she's practically the only female and quite gorgeous and willing to do her bit, that would help too. 

Princess Leia's hair is stunning.  This has been quite a theme - and one that started long before I ever saw a Star Wars movie.  If the plot ever tires, I start working out just how those hairstyles are done.  It's not as complicated in this episode, but the first 2...  I admit - this is partly from a long-standing fascination with hairstyles on my part, and partly from my rocking the Princess Leia/German milkmaid look as a 5-yr-old.  I remember tantrums... (Sorry mum.  You did a great job!).

Again, it's fun spotting all the sources of future popular culture references.  This one was huge though!  Such a big portion of it was practically The Incredibles.  Love it.  A few others were apparent, too, but that was so, so obvious.  It's like The Incredibles have wondered, "What's a great adventure movie" and come up with this one.  They haven't even tried to be discreet - similar uniforms for the guards, the entrance to the place, the forest, the ride through the trees (so exciting!) - it's all there! 

I have a feeling the next I'll see is Episode II.  I've seen a review (very entertaining!) of Episode I, and it doesn't inspire me.  So I'll be doing 'machete order' - 4, 5, 6, 2, 3, 1. 


  1. Dominic Ciranni14 April 2013 at 22:57

    So now I know why Elaura loves Russian music so much! :-)