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Friday, 3 February 2012

January Spending

There has been much op-shopping in my life lately.  I tend to get excited when I find something, try it on, it fits, and costs less than 2 cups of coffee.  So one shop might yield several items of clothes, and I can't seem to resist.  I saw someone had a monthly clothes and accessories limit of $100 and thought that was such a good idea, I'll do that too.  This decision came after I'd bought all these things:

Lifeline in the Valley:
Capture skirt $25 (hmm a bit pricey)
Sunny Girl skirt $8.50
Esprit skirt $9.50

Lifeline Adelaide St:
H&M skirt $7.50
Jacqui E top $9.50
Pearl strand $15

Hat $5
Thick black belt $19
Thin black belt $0.83 - yes, 83 cents!
Emergency sandals $9.83

January total: $109.66
Thankfully, this stopped me from even looking at bling anywhere else, and I'm quite proud of the fact that I only bought one pair of shoes - and that was an emergency, so it doesn't *really* count.  In fact, without them I would have been within the budget by 17 cents.

I had a shopping trip today with Jeannie (of http://opshopology.blogspot.com.au/) so I'm already half-way through my February budget.

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