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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Outfit #4

 Two things about today's outfit:

1 - I love this top.  It's cotton and so light, ruffled around the neckline, black.  But, more importantly, I haven't worn it for a few years.  It was in the 'I Wish' pile for a while until I had a very exciting try-on session recently.  Yay!

2 - I'm wearing a brooch.  This is a big thing for me.  I was given two for Christmas, this green fish and a red flower (stay tuned!), and this is the first time this year I've worn one out.  Apart from really liking having a little fish on my blouse, it really broke up the otherwise sombre colour of this outfit.

The pants are cotton/polyester so they feel nice and crisp but still cool and breathable.

I love green.  I love heels.  These shoes are great.  I have to choose outings appropriately though.  Today was not a day I was scheduled to track down kiddies all day (and no fire drill) so I could sit comfortably in my room, looking at my pretty shoes.

Yes, this is the lovely carpet I have in my teaching room at school.  Nice, huh.  Has that old office feel to it.

 The cute fish brooch.

Outfit details:

Blouse: Suite Boutique.  Pants: Portmans.  Shoes: Pinet.  Brooch: Erstwilder (gift).  Bracelet: gift.  Opal earrings: from Kuranda, FNQ.

This jewellery combination made me feel rather precious all day.  Pearl bracelet (a gift from an older brother and his wife).  Opal earrings I bought last September in Kuranda, in Far North Queensland.

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