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Friday, 3 February 2012

Pink Nails

The back story - I used to have a red violin case.  I like the colour red, a lot.  I also like the colour pink, but having a red violin case meant I couldn't wear pink if I would be carrying my violin (horrendous clash, hurt the eyes), which was most of the time.  Two years ago, I needed a better case, and bought a black Gewa.  It is a wonderful case (anyone who's looking at buying a violin case, I highly recommend this!) and even better, it doesn't clash.  Other benefits include 2 shoulder straps, very light, very strong, and no place for music (it's shaped, not oblong).  At first I missed the music carrier, but I used to overload my case with music, which was not good for the case or for my shoulders or back. 

I have many many shades of red nail polish.  Many - meaning 5 that I just found but I think there might be more hiding somewhere.  Now that my wardrobe is getting used to the idea of pink (after 2 years - it's hard to change), I decided to go pink on the nails.  This colour is Rimmel's Cranberry Zest, and it claims to have a fruity smell when dried.  Maybe - for a couple of hours.  I quite like having cranberry-coloured nails.  Having been a red-wearer for years, though, I discovered my accessories are woefully lacking in the pink department.  This will have to be rectified, and soon.

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