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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Outfit #3

 I love these shoes.  I had them several months (from a swap day) before  I actually wore them.  Once I'd tried them out I was smitten.  They're cotton so they breathe, not so precious that I can't wear them in the rain, a bit of height.  Plus they come in my favourite colour - black!  I was trying to last longer before wearing black, but when something is so good, why resist?

This dress is really nice to wear.  It's a fake wrap dress, jersey material, with a tie at the back.  The first outing was for a gig.  After that, I always wear a singlet underneath.  Every time I moved I had to hold onto the front to save it from revealing everything.  Maybe I need to move more when I'm trying on clothes.
Dress: Hot Options.  Singlet (only visible close up): Ambra (bamboo).  Shoes: no label, but made in Spain (swap). Earrings: made by me (no photo - but they're like striped licorice).

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