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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Outfit #56 - Winter Neutrals

Outfit details:

Skirt: Portmans.  White top: Hot Options.  Blue top: Dotti.  Black top: Wool Base Layers.  Boots: Sandler.  Stockings: ??? Earrings: ? David Jones maybe.  Jacket: Sportsgirl (from Jeannie).  Hat: Portmans.  Scarf: Alta Linea.

I used to think you couldn't black and brown.  Or brown and grey.  Or navy and black.  I threw that all out the window for this outfit.

It seemed like I had oodles of time for photos this morning, but I still managed to miss the early train.  My first student was held up in traffic though so it didn't really matter.  At 7C I wasn't totally keen to go outside, but I could face it all rugged up and ready to go.

One of my grade 4 girls asked if my earrings were meant to be missing sparkly bits...  Um, no.  I guess I'll be finding some sparkly bits in a craft store or in my supplies to get some gluing happening.

These are different stockings from yesterday, truly.  These ones have a hole in the left toe, just a teensy bit annoying.

Speaking of yesterday... I didn't put up a photo of the magpie because it was a bit camera-shy.  I couldn't really see it on the camera screen, but it came through in the photo ok, hiding in the middle of the bush.

Today's photo:

There was a big assembly this morning, so I had coffee with a piano-teaching friend.  On the way back these bright yellow flowers caught my eye.

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