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Friday, 3 August 2012

An Avalanche of Tea

On Saturday a friend was here, who has recently given up coffee (shudder) and all caffeine (so, no green tea or yerba mate or anything like that).  With all my selection, the only one I could brew for her was cinnamon and apple.  Since last Thursday I've been upping my intake of hot fluids, and I know I drink much more tea during colder months.  On Monday I ordered several teas for delivery yesterday.  Yesterday I also received tea as a a gift (yay! thanks Alexander!).

Today I tried the black tea with apricot and mango, as well as the Japanese lime green tea (not in the same cup, obviously).  I've been drinking a lot of echinacea with green tea, and chai (not pictured) is my regular black tea choice.  I'm interested to try the energy tea sometime tomorrow as well as the Japanese garden green tea, but so far I'm loving everything tea.

Other New Things for today:  Last night, the Olympics commentating got to me, so I started a list of questionable comments.  I also made a playlist for a party for the first time ever.

Today's photo:

Today was really quiet.  I rested for most of the day, aside from a quick trip to the supermarket for cake ingredients.  I do like the look and feel of the gift-wrap tinsel-type stuff though so attempted a shot of that.

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