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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Outfit #65 - Changeover

Outfit details:

Skirt and shoes: Hot Options.  Top and leggings: Ambra.  Earrings: from Mombasa.

One of my 10-yr-olds came into her lesson today and started with, "why are you wearing all black?" and followed with, "oh, and that top totally doesn't go with that skirt... Just kidding".  I had to explain to her the wardrobe changeover.  Summer clothes still in the attic, wardrobe full of winter clothes and clothes that are cool enough for summer but suitable for layering in cooler weather.  Today we were forecast for 28 and showers.

We also discussed leggings and jeggings.  If I wear a skirt with even just a bit of fullness (so, anything other than a straight skirt), the Marilyn Effect takes hold when I'm collecting kids from the junior school.  Leggings keep me modest.

These are the earrings I bought in May.  I wore them for the Mt Isa gig, then one of them got lost in my suitcase so they weren't worn since.  I dug them out on Friday.  Stay tuned for many more wearings.

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