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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

The Pictures by the Stairs

I didn't go to work today - this cold has been hanging around for a while and I just want it gone.  Today, then, I had breakfast and coffee... then I slept for the rest of the day.  One thing I've been itching to do since Saturday, though, is to rearrange the things hanging on the walls.  This was the most energy I could expend today, apart from boiling the kettle and moving from the bed to the sofa. 

Two things prompted this current stage of change: I noticed when my niece's drawing made it to the top of the keyboard, that the frame of the photo already sitting there was sitting lower and lower; and I was given a beautiful (and appropriate!) card for my birthday.

For maybe a couple of years, I've had these 4 frames with wrapping paper near the top of the lower stairs. 

Having now added more personal items, I plan to replace the paper bits with other photos I've taken myself. 

I need to replace some printer ink though before I can print anything.  And from this angle it looks a little uneven...

How nice is this card?!  Thanks Jeannie!

Today's photo:

Pattern.  While having coffee this morning, the sun was lovely, creating sharp lines with the clothes line and the fence.

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