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Friday, 10 August 2012

Coffee for a Cause

Yesterday I said I would be drinking coffee for a cause today.  At participating cafes, $1 per cup of coffee would go towards grassroots services for the homeless.  This was enough of a reason to drag myself out of the house.  It was a close thing - but, the one day of the year when one of my indulgences is helping others was too good to miss.

I noted all the suitable options yesterday and then chose one of the closest ones today.  Although as I nearly fell asleep on the train it could have been a slightly different story.  I had heard from a few fellow coffee afficionados (afficionadi, maybe?) that Bunker at Milton was worth a visit.  From the station I had to pass a couple of other coffee spots, which surprised me in this unassuming street. 

Bunker is well-named.  It really is in a bunker, with vines covering the walls and ceiling, a nice contrast to the otherwise industrial feel.  And the coffee.  So far this year I think it might just win.  As usual, I ordered a cappuccino, and I was pleased to see a decent amount of chocolate going on top.  I was about halfway through consuming this cappuccino when I realised the amazing chocolatey goodness I was experiencing was coming from real chocolate - not just that normal mix you find sprinkled in most places.  When I was almost finished, I realised that this is a coffee and chocolate place.  Now I have to go back.

You can't really tell from the photo above, but the clipboards show the filter coffee options, featured coffee options, something else (I knew I should have written these down!) and the special of the day (jaffa).

I arrived just before the rush, so there was minimal wait for my caffeine - I noticed the staff knew many of the names of people who came in just after me, always a nice sign.  Another plus was the music and the staff actually knowing musical things ('this performer likes A minor' for example).  I felt self-conscious taking photos though, so took the above as surreptitiously as possible, and the below shot after I had left.  The man in the photo came out just as I was snapping - sprung! 

Bunker can be found at 21 Railway Tce, Milton.   No doubt, I will also be found there again.

Today's photo:

Baking.  Afternoon light catching the dripping beaters.  Anticipation.

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