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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Outfit #58 - Sad Face

Outfit details:

Dress: Country Road (op shop).  Stockings: Target.  Boots: Sandler.  Scarf: Alta Linea.  Earrings: made by me.  Top: Reserve; and Jacket (not pictured): Sportsgirl (both from Jeannie).

Yesterday, I had lunch with Jeannie and then raided 2 suitcases of her old clothes.  I came home with a small suitcase of clothes (a whole new wardrobe, shoes and accessories included).  I was raiding her old clothes because she is about to move interstate.  Sad Face.  I will be visiting her soon, but we won't be just catching up on a weekend or playing gigs together.  :(

Today, given its sad face status, required some blues.  Blue earrings I actually made for Advent one year. 

And blue and black and grey colour block stockings.  When I took the first boots photo I noticed a wrinkle around my knees.  I pulled up the stockings and discovered a whole lot more blue could show.

Other sad facts from today:  my first student (this is my first day back after being off sick) sneezed on me.  (With splatter.  Ew).  I sat around a lot today because it seems to be crazy activity week at school as well as "Let's be unwell" week.  I worked out I will be doing catch up lessons for the rest of the term.  (Goodbye lunch breaks).  I didn't get my post-breakfast, or post-coffee, or post-lunch naps.

A few happy faces:  My first cardio session for a few weeks and I didn't die.  (I didn't go nuts like normal but it wasn't too easy-going).  The kids I did manage to teach were quite lovely.  I saw one of the violin teachers who teaches on different days from me.  Tomorrow is a public holiday in Brisbane - I'm anticipating a lovely sleep or three and, fingers crossed, my first run for some weeks.  I can't wait!

Today's photo:

I have 2 aromatic pink pillar candles, and I found blue-pattern plates at an op shop for them.  Last time I was burning this one all the wax dribbled down the side and pooled around the base.


  1. Nice outfit Anna. Hope you don't get sick!

  2. Thanks Kylie! I'm so glad tomorrow is a holiday :)