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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Outfit #64 - Early Mark

Outfit details:

Skirt: Sinerji (swap).  Blue top: Hot Options.  Black top: Ambra organic cotton.  Stockings: Ambra.  Shoes: Hot Options.  Earrings: gift.

Today had to be one of those multi-tasking outfits.  Warm enough for getting to school.  Cool enough for getting home around lunchtime.  Modest enough for dealing with grade 3.  Layers are wonderful.  I actually wore another black, long-sleeved top of the same brand, my blue scarf, and a cardigan as well to get to school.

Despite feeling a bit drugged when I woke up (late night), I was still ready early enough to take photos before school.  And then, 3 of my kids were away so I got to have a super early mark.  Not the greatest photo of the earrings - they're little silver roses, quite sweet.

Yes, these are the same shoes as yesterday.  One foot is feeling a little precious so I'm playing it safe in flats.

And due to tonight's commitments, this is such an early post!

Today's photo:

Rather uninspired, but I still have little yellow flowers on my tomato plant.

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