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Sunday, 12 August 2012

Planting Parsley

Parsley is not one of my favourite herbs.  Not as aromatic as some other herbs, and not as tasty as some other herbs, and tends to make me choke if I have bits too big.  I was diligent in buying some for a recipe recently, and I was even more diligent in watering it until I could plant it.  Before I planted it, I noticed the nutritional benefits printed on the side of the pot - I had no idea how wonderful it was!  So I'm making more of an effort to include it in my cooking and salads. 

Now, I used to be a fine gardener.  My plants grew, I weeded - that's pretty much it, right?  But then I stopped being so great about watering, and stuff started dying.  Last year, I bought parsley for something, and eventually I planted it in the bit of earth by the fence underneath the clothes line.  It died.  Earlier this year, I bought parsley for something, and I thought about planting it, but I didn't and it died.  No real surprise...  So I was hoping to get this lot into some earth and, fingers crossed, keep it growing.  Step one complete today. 

The basil has been looking a little straggly, but still producing some lovely leaves.  I thought it could do with a companion.  After various doggy visits, the soil in this pot has started to look a little ... ummm... you know.  Dogged.  But I discovered the bit of plastic was in fact not buried, and an actual plastic bag.  I also removed most of the weeds.  So now I have 2 herbs in the pot, with fingers crossed for keeping them alive.  This pot gets watered daily, and has the best position for catching sun, so the odds are good.

Today's photo:

Not much happened today.  But the lilies have opened recently and are so bright and cheerful I couldn't resist.

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