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Friday, 31 August 2012

Outfit #66 - Catch Ups and Old Folks

Outfit details:

Dress: Hot Options.  Cardigan: Jeanswest.  Shoes: Target (from Jeannie).  Earrings: made by me.

I'm really glad I don't work at school 4 days a week.  Not so much for the work factor, but this blog would be rather boring.  I feel like I'm copping out by doing 4 posts in a row of What I Wore.  However, this afternoon my quartet from school (along with other string groups from school) performed at the retirement village around the corner.  I chose today, then, to do some of the catch up lessons from when I was away sick. 

The earrings are really tiny, so you get one photo to see the draping of the dress at the front....

...and a close up of the actual earrings.

Jeannie passed these shoes on to me in January (or maybe December), I wore them to Summer School once, and .... and that was it.  I have trouble finding outfits that suit, mostly I think because they're cream and I have so much white.  But black and cream goes with black, no worries.  They are a little hot to wear though.

Today's photo:

The timing was just right today.  Coming home, I could see the sunset making the clouds all golden while on the train.  Once I was walking up my street, the clouds had turned to pink, and turning around I was met with this sight. 

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